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July 21, 2017
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July 21, 2017
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Al-Safwa Helasto Ring Plastic support ring for concrete pavers with leveling adjustment

With Al-Safwa Helasto-Ring, the pavement does not touch the waterproofing blanket, but is separated from it by a hollow space; in this way, the pavement can expand and contract without damaging the water-tight blanket.

Al-Safwa Helasto-Ring is simply dry set onto the waterproofing. To install the square paving slabs on the supporting Helasto-Rings, it is enough to set the slabs at the four angles of the ring and push them against the spacer; once the first row is measured and set, the successive ones follow as a consequence.

The slabs are only resting in place, and in case of repairs to the waterproofing blanket, it is not necessary to damage the floor; it is sufficient to raise a few of the square slabs to carry out the maintenance.

Puddles can no longer form since rainwater runs directly to the drains between the open joints and the square slabs.